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Using Flash In The Sun For Great Portraits

This process is key to flash photography success Learn about Flash Sync Speed  Learn about High Speed Sync Get the Flash Photography Quickstart Guide Today we’re going to be talking about working with flash in full sun, but before we talk about using the flash, we...

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Lensbaby Sol 22 for Micro 4/3 Cameras

Hello Photographers, I have here the Lensbaby Sol 22, which is a Lensbaby lens designed specifically for micro four thirds cameras. Now I've been testing this lens for about a month and I gotta tell you, I am pretty happy with this thing. Like other Lensbabies, the...

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How High Speed Sync Works

Get your Free Flash Photography Quickstart Guide Today we’re going to talk about high speed sync. So what high speed sync is, is a flash function that allows you to use your flash and set a shutter speed that exceeds the sync speed of your camera, because if you...

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How To Use On Camera Flash

Get Your Free Flash Photography Quick Start Guide Check out the other videos in this series The biggest reason photographers want to use the flash on camera is to get better photos in low light situations. What most people think, is this: “If I get a flash and I put...

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What Is Flash Sync Speed And How Does It Work

Save yourself a ton of time with my Understanding Flash Photography Course Today I wanted to explain what flash sync speed is. In short the Flash sync speed is the fastest shutter speed at which you can use your camera and fire flash to get a properly exposed image....

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Auto ISO, What Is It And How To Use It

Learn more about how ISO works Auto ISO is a great tool in your toolkit as a photographer, but it can also be both confusing, and a bit detrimental to your growth as a photographer. The first problem is understanding when to use Auto ISO. The answer to that hinges on...

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Fixed Aperture Zoom Lens | These Are Awesome!

Get your FREE Guide to Understanding Aperture What the heck is a fixed aperture zoom lens, and what does “fixed aperture” mean anyway? And why are fixed aperture zoom lenses so awesome? Everyone is always going on about aperture, and for good reason, as it’s one of...

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The Guide to Shooting in Manual Mode

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