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The Guide to Shooting in Manual Mode Video Course

Your camera is no good to you if you don’t know how to use it. Every skill has its tools. Painters need to understand how to use their brushes Musicians need to understand how their instruments work, and you need to understand how your camera works!

Beyond Manual Mode Video Course

Beyond Manual Mode is all about building on the fundamentals to help you do two things.

  1. To learn more about the camera and how it works so that you can use your camera to its maximum potential.
  2. To embrace and extend your creativity so that you make images instead of just taking photos.

Understanding Flash Photography Video Course

Flash photography seems scary. Here’s this light and you’re somehow supposed to use it to create an image, but here’s the thing: flash photography is easy. You just have to know how to think about it, and how that flash works, which is exactly what I’ll show you in my Understanding Flash Photography course. 

Mastering Lightroom Video Course

Photography is amazing, but the dirty secret of photography is that editing and managing your photos can be a giant headache. Fortunately, Lightroom is a great tool that can radically simplify that process. Once you know how to use Lightroom, you can spend way more time shooting, and with my Mastering Lightroom video course, I’ll have you up and running in no time!