Discover How To Give Your Photos That Extra Pop Without Spending Hours At The Computer, Using Dead Simple Editing Techniques That Make Lightroom A Tool You Actually Want To Use

Hidden Inside The Byzantine Layout of Lightroom Is A Powerful Editing And Organizational Tool That’s Actually Incredibly Easy To Use… (See What You’ll Learn In The Video Below) 

Do you want to stop struggling with Lightroom and turn it into a tool that helps you manage and edit your photos like a seasoned pro? Then this may be the most important thing you read all day…

Lightroom is a great tool for photographers, but just like a camera, Lightroom appears very complicated even though at its core it’s a simple and powerful tool.

I remember when I first started using Lightroom. After installing the program I opened it up, and all I had was this blank space. I just stared at it.

I had no idea what to do. I knew I needed to get my photos into Lightroom, but I didn’t even know what that meant or how to do it.

I eventually figured out how to add my photos, but then I discovered my next problem.

My photos were a mess. A MESS!

Imagine tens of thousands of photos scattered all over your computer. (Or maybe you don’t have to imagine this?)

Now imagine all of those photos are just there in front of you, no rhyme or reason to them. Just a massive pile of photos.
I had to walk away.

The thing about “editing” is it’s more than just editing your photos.

It’s about managing them, keeping them organized, figuring out which photos to edit, editing those photos, and then taking those edited photos and doing whatever it is you want to do with them.

What I realized when I walked away was that I had two problems. The first was my disaster of “photo organization”, and the second was that I didn’t know anything about how Lightroom worked.

So here I was, completely overwhelmed by this mess and utterly unable to use this software to do what I really wanted to do which was make my photos look awesome.

So I went looking for help, and it was nowhere to be found.

I mean, it’s not like there wasn’t anything out there, but none of it really helped me.
There was all sorts of stuff showing you how to use Lightroom, but that was no good to me when I couldn’t even find the photos I wanted to edit.
There was also plenty of stuff on how to organize photos using Lightroom but everything focused on using THEIR organizational system, not how to create your own.
And on top of that, nobody gave any guidance on how the heck to deal with the tens of thousands of photos that I had littered all over my computer.

So I had to figure it all out the hard way.

Piece by piece, a little bit here and a little bit there, and as I watched videos and read articles and books and tried all these different things I learned what works in Lightroom and what doesn’t work.

It took a lot of trial and error, but now using Lightroom and editing my photos is a breeze. So much so that I actually look forward to doing it, and now, I can go from completed photoshoot to fully edited photos in Lightroom in less than 30 minutes.

Let me just repeat that: I actually enjoy editing my photos. And I want you to enjoy it too!

So you’re probably wondering, what’s the secret?

Your success, is predicated on two things:

  • A good system for managing and organizing your photos
  • Knowing how to use Lightroom efficiently and effectively to create amazing looking photos

It’s that simple, and getting to that point is a bit of a journey, but your journey does not have to be as long and frustrating as mine was.

That’s why I created the –

Mastering Lightroom Video Course

I’ve taken all the methods I’ve tested over the years and distilled them down into the ultimate comprehensive 4 hour course to help you build a custom editing workflow that will be a joy and ease to use from the press of the shutter to the final edited photo.

Here’s what’s covered:

Module #1: Managing and Organizing Your Photos

(Valued at $19)

Before you can edit, before you can even really use Lightroom you have to have a system for organizing and editing your photos, and in this module you’ll learn how to develop a custom organizational system that works for you.

  • Best practices for organizing your photos
  • How to create an organizational scheme that works for you
  • How to incorporate your existing photos into your new scheme
  • What file format to capture your photos in for the best long term results
  • How and why you should be backing up your photos

Module #2: Importing Photos Into Lightroom (Valued at $19)

Getting your photos into Lightroom is far more than just getting some photos into the software. How you import your photos can help speed up your editing workflow and make maintaining your organizational system much easier.

  • How to import your newly organized existing photos into Lightroom
  • How to import new photos from your camera’s memory card into Lightroom
  • How to customize your import settings
  • How you can automate editing as your photos are importing
  • And more!

Module #3: Managing and Organizing Your Photos With Lightroom (Valued at $19)

Creating an organizational scheme actually transcends Lightroom. Your organizational scheme will be software independent, but Lightroom provides excellent tools to help make the job of maintaining your system faster and more efficient.

  • How to use Lightroom to keep your photos organized
  • How to use Lightroom’s metadata tools to quickly and easily find photos
  • How to use Collections and Smart Collections for creating custom groupings of photos
  • And much more

Module #4: Selecting Photos To Edit (Valued at $15)

Creating an organizational scheme actually transcends Lightroom. Your organizational scheme will be software independent, but Lightroom provides excellent tools to help make the job of maintaining your system faster and more efficient.

  • How to systematically go through a photo shoot to select your absolute best images
  • Why a simple pass/fail rating system is the most effective approach to culling your images
  • How to use flagging and color labels to quickly identify the photos you do and do not want to edit
  • How to use Lightroom’s view tools for quickly evaluating groups of similar images
  • How to use Lightroom Filters to clean up your view so you can focus on just the images you want to see

Module #5: Lightroom’s Editing Tools (Valued at $39)

This one is the doozy. Lightroom gives you a LOT of tools for editing your photos. In order to achieve the look you want to achieve for any given photo, you need to know how these tools work so you know when and what tools to use to make your photo look the way you want it to look.

  • What each of Lightroom’s editing tools does to your photos
  • How to target and edit specific areas of your images
  • How to easily fix common distortion and perspective problems
  • The edits you should be making to every photo
  • How to manipulate the colors of your images for amazing looks
  • How to create your own custom presets
  • And much more!

Module #6: Developing Your Own Style (Valued at $19)

One of the traps that’s easy to fall into is watching some training that shows you how a photographer edit’s his or her photos. That’s fine if you want your photos to look like their photos, but it’s no good if you want your photos to look like YOUR photos.

  • How to use photos that inspire you to reverse engineer the editing process
  • How to use this technique to develop your own style

And there’s more…

Bonus #1: The Challenge Edits (Valued at $15)

Four challenge edits for you to practice reverse engineering photos and continue getting familiar with Lightroom’s editing tools.

Bonus #2: Getting Your Photos Out Of Lightroom (Valued at $15)

Once you’re finished editing your photos it’s time to get those photos out of Lightroom so you can share them on Facebook and Instagram, order prints and more! (I’ve also included my favorite export presets for you to use!)

  • How to create custom export presets
  • How to create and apply watermark
  • How to handle your exported photos so they don’t end up littered all over your computer’s hard drive
  • How to use Publishing Services to share your photos to websites like Facebook, Flickr, 500px and more from right inside Lightroom

Bonus #3: Installing Plugins and Presets (Valued at $15)

Plugins and Presets can enhance Lightroom and make it even more powerful, but before they can be useful to you, they need to be added to Lightroom. In this module I’ll show you how to do that.

Bonus #4: Understanding Dynamic Range (Valued at $15)

Understanding dynamic range is an incredibly helpful in shooting your photos to prepare for your edits.

  • What dynamic range is
  • How to shoot your photos for maximum dynamic range
  • How to use dynamic range while editing your photos

Bonus #5: Understanding the Histogram (Valued at $15)

The histogram is a visual tool that helps you understand and edit your photo.

  • What a histogram is
  • The different types of histograms
  • How to read and use the histogram to understand your image

As individual modules, that would be $205, but that’s not the price you’re going to pay.

If you buy today, you can get all of this for just $10!

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What Others Are Saying:

“This course is fantastic and exactly what I needed. Seriously great, and a much better way to learn it then the other tutorials. 

It’s so organized, it flows on a clear path and is easy to follow along, and all the extra tips and suggestions are excellent!”


“…through Spyros’ help, I have progressed nicely as a photographer. An area I still was struggling was post processing. I almost blindly pulled or pushed some bars in Lightroom and called it a shot.

All that changed when I checked out Spyros’ Lightroom course. Spyros, as with his general photography videos, has a way of taking the intimidation out of all the menu’s and selection bars.

After watching just a few of the videos I feel much more confident when editing in Lightroom. I don’t consider myself a professional by any stretch but I do have a confidence and a growing ability due to the instruction I found in these videos…”

Tim Kotanko

Get Your Copy Now:

Total Value: $205 Today: $10

There’s nothing better than the excitement of sitting down to edit a photoshoot…

The excitement I feel when I complete an edit is one of the best highs of life, and I can’t wait for you to experience the same. You’re going to love working in Lightroom after this course!

P.S. Remember, there’s no secret to this, it’s just a matter of cutting through the B.S. so you can get down to business, which is exactly what I’ve done in this course!
P.P.S. And remember, I back this up with a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you get your money back. No questions asked.
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