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First of all, “SOOC” is this idea that you aren’t a real photographer unless you can “get it right in camera” and not do any editing to your photo.

Which is just stupid.

First of all, there is nothing right, or wrong about editing or not editing your photos.

Secondly, the implication of “SOOC” is that every possible photo can be created ”in camera” with no editing whatsoever.

That is just not possible.

Some images require editing, and editing software is just another tool in our photography toolbox.

“SOOC” is just another stupid argument that people on the internet like to have. The real photographers like you and I are out there taking some damn photos, not arguing on the internet.

But, there is a kernel of a good idea behind “SOOC”, and that is worth keeping in mind when you’re out there shooting.

Watch the video for the idea that was mutated into a stupid internet argument.

Lightroom is a powerful photography tool, but the problem with powerful tools is they’re often complicated and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you want to learn how to use Lightroom to quickly and efficiently manage and edit your photos so that they look as amazing as you envision them, check out my Mastering Lightroom Video Course.