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Have you ever wondered why you can’t use your flash and shoot past a certain shutter speed like 1/180 or 1/200 or 1/250?

That’s your camera’s Sync Speed, and it’s something you’ll want to know about if you’re shooting flash or thinking about buying a flash!

Mustafa Ibrahim was wondering exactly that when he asked this:

“HI, can i use external manual flash (like YongNuo 560 III) with high shutter speed? since my internal flash sync speed only 1/180s”

In the video I explain why you can’t use the Yongnuo YN 560 III to shoot faster than your camera’s sync speed, and why, along with the kinds of flashes you can get that will allow you to shoot beyond your camera’s sync speed.

I used to be scared of my flash, and I understand how intimidating flash photography can be, but a flash is just a tool. Once you understand how that tool works you’ll be using your flash to create photos that used to seem impossible.

If you want to master your flash and take those amazing photos, check out my Understanding Flash Photography Video Course.