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The Black And Blue Fit

When I took this photo I was so cranky and mad at myself. I had a photo I really liked, literally the first photo I took; but I fucked up the exposure. I had my lights set brighter for the chair shot of The Striped Fit.

I’m much farther away from the light when I do a chair shot versus a crouch shot like this, which means I need to turn the main light down. I know this, and I knew it that morning, but I was like, “I’ll be able to fix it in the edit.”

Well, my dumb ass was unable to fix it in the edit because the photo was just way too over exposed.

So I figured I’d just recreate the pose, but if you’ve ever spent any time in front of the camera, you’ll know that recapturing a pose just so is fucking hard. Especially when you’re taking a self portrait.

All of my efforts at re-creating the pose failed, and for every attempt I kept getting angrier and angrier at myself, which made it harder and harder to try to get a good photo because that internal anger was just radiating into the photos I was capturing.

Finally, after like 45 minutes of shooting, I got this shot. I love it, and I love this fit, but getting a photo that reflected that was an exercise in anger and frustration. I was emotionally black and blue.