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Lots of you have been asking for a “what’s in my camera bag” video, and the truth is that most of the time, my camera bag is empty because everything is in my studio!

Now a year or two ago I gave a studio tour, but some things have changed in the studio since then, so I decided to show you what’s in my studio!

My studio is a pretty small space, but I’m not complaining, in fact I’m incredibly grateful to even have a studio, and I love working out there.

What helps TREMENDOUSLY is that my studio is well organized, everything has a place, and so when I need something I know exactly where to get it, and everything is always neat and accessible, which I love.

I used to be scared of my flash, and I understand how intimidating flash photography can be, but a flash is just a tool. Once you understand how that tool works you’ll be using your flash to create photos that used to seem impossible.

If you want to master your flash and take those amazing photos, check out my Understanding Flash Photography Video Course.