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I’ve talked about the difference between RAW and JPEG files, which are file types, but haven’t talked about the different RAW filetypes, specifically the difference between the RAW files produced by your camera, and the DNG file that Adobe created.

This is exactly what Arnab Sarkar was wondering about when he asked this question:

Thanks for the excellent tutorial again.. What’s the different between in camera RAW and DNG file? I mean is there any information loss if I copy RAW (CR2,NEF etc) files to DNG files and then edit my things.. Is DNG better or worse or same! 😮 I am confused about these photo formats.. Please help.. Thanks again Spyros 😊

In short, they’re all RAW files, but the files produced by your camera are proprietary RAW filetypes, while the DNG is a RAW filetype with an open license from Adobe that allows anyone to use it.

In the video I talk about the differences this creates, how DNG files actually work, and the advantages and disadvantages of DNG files.

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