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Some cameras have 9 auto focus points, and some cameras have 109! Is it possible to have too many?

Also this week, we look at why the camera changes exposure when you move it, when a flash could fry your camera and how to keep it from happening.

Here are the questions answered in this week’s video:

“I find some cameras is having 9,11 or 64 Autofocus points. How does this help? Is a 64 Autofocus point better than 9?” – PARTHA DUTTA

“Dear Spyros.. I always watch your videos and I am also a subscriber in your youtube channel.. He’s using a D750. My question is every time i will focus and recompose the exposure will change so i have to dial the shutter speed or the correct iso after i recompose my shot now this works but sometimes the moment will be gone or the subject. How do you take that shot how to use manual settings when you focus and recompose? Thank you in advance” – ARvic Agda

“I am looking to get a attachable flash for my Nikon D5200 camera. I am planning on doing good photography, portraits (not the studio kind, more natural ones, like outdoors or at a home), and possibly weddings. Which flash should I get?

Also, I hear that the flash can like short circuit the camera? Is it possible for the flash to mess up the camera body? If so, what measures can I take to prevent that?” – Frank Sreshta

Your camera is an amazing tool, but it’s no good to you if you don’t know how to use it!

If you want to take control of your camera and use it to take amazing photos like a pro, check out my Guide to Shooting in Manual Mode video course.