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The Following Instructions Are For Installing Shortcuts OnĀ  Devices RunningĀ  iOS 12

  • Click the link for each of the three Shortcuts to install each of the Shortcuts. (the links are on the primary download page you came from.)
  • Clicking a shortcut link will open a page that looks like this (but for the shortcut you are trying to install)

  • Click the “Get Shortcut” button
  • It will ask if you want to Open in Shortcuts. Click “Open”

  • This will trigger the Shortcuts app to open to a screen like the screen you see below.
    • (note, in some cases instead of opening the Shortcuts app, the link opens to the App Store page for the Shortcuts app. If that happens, just open the Shortcuts app manually, and you should then find a screen like the screen you see below)

  • Click the “Get Shortcut” button to install the shortcut. This will then open the Shortcut.

  • Tap “Done” in the upper right corner to close the shortcut you just installed.