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Get Your Photography Project Planner

At the end of every video I tell you to “Get out there and take some damn photos!” because that is the quickest route to improving your photography!

And one of the easiest ways to make sure you get out there and regularly take some damn photos is with a photography project.

365 photo challenges are popular at the beginning of a new year for that reason, but 365 challenges are dangerous. If you can follow through, it is a GREAT way to regularly shoot and in doing so it’s guaranteed to improve your photography

But if poorly executed, a 365 photo challenge can actually ruin photography and discourage you from shooting.

I think everyone should undertake a photography project, but not necessarily a 365 photography project. In fact, in this video I’m going to explain exactly how to set up a successful photography project to help you improve your photography!

Your camera is an amazing tool, but it’s no good to you if you don’t know how to use it!

If you want to take control of your camera and use it to take amazing photos like a pro, check out my Guide to Shooting in Manual Mode video course.