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In the first video in this series we talked about how to find a model, but once you’ve found potential models to work with, you need to contact them and schedule a shoot!

Today we’re talking about doing just that, the best way to approach a model.

One of the hardest things to do is reach out to a stranger and ask them for something, and the biggest problem is what the hell to say in the message!

So we’re going to talk about what to include in your message, what kind of responses you can expect, what you need to do before you even think about sending a message, and more!

Watch the video to get all the details!

I used to be scared of my flash, and I understand how intimidating flash photography can be, but a flash is just a tool. Once you understand how that tool works you’ll be using your flash to create photos that used to seem impossible.

If you want to master your flash and take those amazing photos, check out my Understanding Flash Photography Video Course.