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There are are five main things to look for in a camera body for successful sports photography.

First, is good high ISO performance, and ideally you’ll get a camera that you’re comfortable shooting at at least ISO 3200.

Second, you want a good frame rate. Ideally something capable of 6 frames per second or faster.

Third, you need a camera with a good buffer, ideally one capable of shooting at least 5 seconds at your full frame rate.

Fourth, you’ll want to check the camera’s write speed and make you buy a memory card, that can receive data as fast as the camera can send it.

Finally, you want a camera with a fast and accurate auto focus system, which is hard to quantify.

Generally speaking, all DSLRs and most mirrorless camera’s have auto focus systems that are capable of capturing sharp action photos.

So of all the things to look for in a camera for sports and action, I’d worry about the auto focus the least, because when you select a camera with good ISO performance, a good frame rate and a good buffer, by default you’ll also be choosing a camera that has a good auto focus system in it.

There are obviously other camera features that a person might want to consider, but when it comes to sports and action photography, these five are the most important.

As I mentioned in the video, I’ve included all of this in my free Sports Photography Buying Guide which you can download here.

In addition to that, I’ve included camera recommendations for all budgets in the guide to help you find and buy the right camera for your sports photography.

And I’ll keep the guide updated as new cameras come out and prices change.