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How To Get Everything Sharp And In Focus

If if you're thinking of purchasing some gear, and would like to support me in helping photographers like you, consider using my B&H Photo Affiliate link. Today’s question comes from Robert who says (edited for clarity): First, thank you for creating such an...

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Is It Okay To Use Auto White Balance?

Today’s question is about White Balance: Is there a difference in using a white card as opposed to using a Color Checker in trying to obtain correct color in an image? Are you better off using one over the other? And what about Auto White Balance? I suppose in...

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What Is Bracketing And How Does It Work?

This week’s question is about bracketing! First, what is bracketing? Bracketing is the act of taking several exposures of the same scene/subject at different exposure values. When bracketing, the standard practice is to take one exposure dead on, one over exposed, and...

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Q&A Round Up!

Today is a question round up! Our first question is from Rich who had a question about spot metering. Rich was wondering when using spot metering, if you move the focus point away from the center point, where is the camera actually metering? With spot metering, the...

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Avoid This SUPER Frustrating Flash Problem

Today’s question comes from Christina who says: I was taking pictures at my company Christmas party with the speed light on camera with low lighting and my flash was not going off continuously like I thought it would. (It would take a shot and Fire then the next shot...

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Do Megapixels Matter When Printing?

This week’s question comes from Frank Sreshta‎ who asks: Do megapixels matter when printing images? I am wanting to print large metal prints and canvas, maybe 24x24 at most, maybe bigger. I am currently shooting with a Nikon d500 and shot in Raw. The short answer to...

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Don’t Let This Happen To You!

MANY of you have asked about using flash and priority modes on your camera. Here’s the problem: You get a flash, and pop it on the camera, excitedly thinking, “Now I can shoot photos in low light and they won’t be blurry and look like trash!” But when you take a photo...

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! (or Happy Tuesday!!!)We’re nearing the end of the year and of a decade, which is a natural time for reflection, 2019 was an interesting year for me.As you may know, around October or so I decided to take a step back from making weekly...

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The Guide to Shooting in Manual Mode

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