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Photo by Jan Forsman

Let’s face it, photography can sometimes be frustrating. There’s a long road and a lot of bad photos in between our enthusiasm for photography and actually creating the photos we want, which is why I wanted to share these photos with you.

YOUR photos!

To show you how amazing your work is. To show you that you and all the other photographers on this wonderful journey with me are creating amazing work. This is just a very small selection of the wonderful photos I’ve received from the photographers out there watching my videos and working to improve their photography. So without further ado…

Photo by Denis Ruzak

Photo by Amir Bilu

Photo by Angelo D’Souza

Photo by Bill Farnan

Photo by Deepak Reddy

Photo by Dreamtime Photography

Photo by Elina Ismailova

Photo by Eric Snissaert

Photo by Fredrick Rugina Photography

Photo by Karan Shah

Photo by Krzysztof Drozd

Photo by Lee Vernall (Check out Lee on Instagram)

Photo by Mark Jarrett

Photo by Tom Keith (Check out Tom on 500px)

Your camera is an amazing tool, but it’s no good to you if you don’t know how to use it!

If you want to take control of your camera and use it to take amazing photos like a pro, check out my Guide to Shooting in Manual Mode video course.