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  3. To use these Shortcuts you’ll need an iPhone or iPad running iOS 12 or later, with the free Shortcuts app installed.
  4. This shortcut is actually composed of three separate shortcuts. One is for setup, one is a preview module, and the third is the actual watermarking shortcut.
  5. If you do not know how to install shortcuts on your iOS device, I have detailed instructions on how to install shortcuts for iOS 12, iOS 13, and iOS 14.


There are two slightly differnt versions of the shortcut available. You can use either or both. Both have the same core functionality.

Version 2.3


Version 2.3 was developed to work around a bug in iOS and iPadOS 14 that some users are experiencing. The iOS bug makes it so that no files or folders can be saved to the Shortcuts folder in the Files app. This is an iOS bug, and not a bug in my shortcut.

To use version 2.3 of the shortcut you will need to install a free third party app called Data Jar on any/all devices that you wish to use this shortcut on. I apologize for requiring a third party app, but this was the only way to work around the iOS bug and make the shortcut usable to those experiencing the bug. The download link for Data Jar is included below in the download links.

After you install Data Jar, you will never have to directly open the app. The shortcut will access it in the background to operate. You can shove Data Jar in to a folder or the App Library and forget about it.

Version 2.3 also operates via the share sheet rather than running from the shortcut directly. This allows ths shortcut to skip using the files app entirely. After watermarking the images you are now given the option to save the images to files or to the camera roll/photos app.

If you are experiencing the bug, if you choose to save the watermarked photos to files, do not try to save them to the Shortcuts folder. Choosing any other iCloud or on device folder/location should save the images with no issues.

Download links*:

IMPORTANT: Data Jar and all of the v2.3 shortcuts must be installed in order for the shortcut to operate correctly.

Data Jar (This must be installed for version 2.3 to work. Install this app first.)

[SHP] – Manage Watermarks v2.3 (This shortcut is used to manage the watermarks used for version 2.3. With this shortcut you can add, view, or delete the watermarks used with  version 2.3 of the Batch Watermark Shortcut)

[SHP] – Batch Watermark Images v2.3 (This is the shortcut that does the actual batch watermarking)

[SHP] – Watermark Preview Module v2.3 (This shortcut allows you to preview and adjust the watermark placement)

*Unfortunately some users are experiencing another bug that causes a “Shortcut Not Found” error when you try to run version 2.3 of the shortcut. If you get that error, there is a video below the Usage Instructions video that details how to fix this error.

Usage Instructions:

This video demonstrates the changes to the shortcut and how to use it

And here is how to fix the “Shortcut Not Found Error” if it occurs for you.

Version 2.2


Added support for multiple watermarks, added support for choosing the opactiy of the watermark, and added the bottom center placement option.

Download Links:

[SHP] – Batch Watermarking Setup (This shortcut is used to set up the folders in the files app that the shortcut will use. This shortcut must be run before you attempt to run the [SHP] – Batch Watermark Images v2.2 shortcut)

[SHP] – Watermark Preview Module v2.2 (This shortcut allows you to preview and adjust the watermark placement)

[SHP] – Batch Watermark Images v2.2 (This is the shortcut you will run to that does the actual batch watermarking)

Usage Instructions:

    1. Tap the “My Shortcuts” tab to see your shortcutsIn your shortcuts list, find the [SHP] – Batch Watermarking Setup Shortcut and tap it to run it!
    2. NOTE: You only need to run the Batch Watermarking Setup Shortcut this one time. This Shortcut creates the folders needed for the Shortcut to run. Once it has been run, you can delete the Shortcut (you can also leave it. Either is fine)
    3. Next you must place your watermark image into the folder located at iCloud Drive/Shortcuts/watermarking/watermark
      • NOTE: The image must be a png file with a transparent background to have it look proper as a watermark on an image
    4. NOTE: You will never need to run the [SHP] – Watermark Preview Module v2.2 by itself. This shortcut will be triggered to run if you choose to preview your watermark when using the [SHP] – Batch Watermark Images v2.2 Shortcut

(If you want to install it on the homescreen so you don’t have to open the shortcuts app, tap the three dots in the corner of the shortcut, then tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose the “Add to Homescreen” option, title it, and then tap the “Add” option!)

If you have any questions about using this Shortcut please email me at