Hello!!! I’ve created an account for you on my Jellyfin server, and you should already have your username and password.

This account gives access to the entire tv, movie & music library (that is ever growing).

To enjoy this library of content, you’ll want to use two different apps. One for watching video content, and one for listening to music. Then, once you have apps, you can get logged in!


There are multiple options across all platforms to enjoy video content, including TV streaming devices like Roku, Fire Sticks and Apple TV. I’m going to link the ones I use below, but if you want to peruse the other available options, you can see all available clients at this link.

On iOS devices (iPhone/iPad)

(Both of these clients are great. I use Swiftfin)

The official Jellyfin client (This one is a web wrapper.)

Swiftfin (This one is native to iOS)

Android Devices:

The official Jellyfin Client


Search the Roku App store for Jellyfin, and you’ll find the client there.

Apple TV


Fire TV

The Official Client

Web Client

You can access the content and enjoy it in any browser by simply visiting the server link which is:



You can use the official Jellyfin clients to listen to music, but those clients are video focused, and so you won’t get the best music experience. For music, there’s only one client I’d recommend for use, be it Android or iOS, and that’s Finamp.

There are others, and you can search the Play or App Stores for Jellyfin Music, but trust me, Finamp is the best one.

Finamp on iOS

Finamp on Android


Once you have a client installed, you’ll want to log in. It’s fairly straightforward, but in addition to your username and password, you’ll need one omre piece of information, and that’s the server address.

When you first open an client to log in, it’s going to ask for a server. For that, you need to input:


Once you have the server address in, you can put in your username and password. That should get you right into Jellyfin and ready to watch or listen to whatever you want!

Finally, if you have requests for media, please let me know. I’m constantly adding things to the libraries, and am happy to take suggestions.