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Siri Shortcuts

iPads and similar tablet style computers are the future of photo editing! We’re not going to be tethered to our desktops and laptops for much longer, so this week I wanted to share with you the photography workflow I’ve been using with my iPad to fully manage, edit, retouch, and share my photos.

One of the really important things that I have been doing is using Siri Shortcuts on the iPad to automate parts of my editing workflow to make them MUCH easier!

This includes everything step I take on the iPad! Including:

  • Getting RAW files onto the iPad
  • Importing those photos into Lightroom CC using Siri Shortcuts
  • Deleting photos from the camera roll once imported into Lightroom CC
  • Organizing the photos in Lightroom CC
  • Culling & making edit selections
  • Editing the RAW files
  • Retouching photos in Affinity Photo for iPad
  • Saving the retouched photo into Lightroom CC on the iPad
  • Saving copies of the photo to Dropbox, editing all the way through exporting and sharing images via cloud services like Dropbox

There’s a lot going on here, so strap in!

Lightroom is a powerful photography tool, but the problem with powerful tools is they’re often complicated and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you want to learn how to use Lightroom to quickly and efficiently manage and edit your photos so that they look as amazing as you envision them, check out my Mastering Lightroom Video Course.