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This is the story of how I created this photo and why I created it the way that I did.

It starts with the idea idea. I actually talked about the idea behind this in this video right here

This video is about how I created the actual photo. First is the setup for Amber. For this we needed a LOT of tulle (we used 80 yards), and a stulle. (this is the tulle I used: Aqua Tulle, Navy Tulle)

This was shot on a black backdrop, knowing that I’d be cutting the backdrop out. All that really mattered was that I would be able to easily cut her out of the photo. I could have shot this on a white backdrop, but I wanted a black backdrop because I wanted to maintain the celestial night time feel.

So with the backdrop and tulle set, Amber came in and I worked out my lighting setup.

This is one of the more complicated lighting setups that I’ve done, using seven lights. Generally I use two to three lights. This time I used seven, which is kind of a lot but I needed it because I needed to light up all of this tulle.

Of course there’s a lot more to this, which I fully outline in the video, so stop reading this description and watch it! 🙂

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