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To install the shortcuts:

To run these Shortcuts you’ll need a device running iOS 12 or later, with Lightroom CC for iOS and Siri Shortcuts installed.

View/open this page in Safari on the iOS device that you wish to install the Shortcut on

Click the link for the shortcut(s) you want to install. (Links are below)

Clicking the link will trigger the Siri Shortcuts app to open.

Once open tap “Get Shortcut” to add it to your Shortcuts Library

Then tap the “Library” tab to see your shortcuts

And then tap the Shortcut to run it! (If you want to install it on the homescreen as I demonstrated in the video, tap the three dots in the corner of the shortcut, then tap the toggles in the upper right corner to get to the “Add to Homescreen” option.)


Last Import To Lightroom Shortcut

This shortcut will get the set of photos most recently imported from a memory card to the camera roll, import those photos into Lightroom, delete the photos from the camera roll, and then open Lightroom so you can work on your photos.

Click here to install this Shortcut

Import Photos To Lightroom

This shortcut allows you to import photos by getting the last import, choosing photos from the camera roll, or choosing photos on a cloud service like Dropbox. It presents you a menu of three options, (camera roll, files, or last import), and then runs the appropriate actions based on your choice.

Click here to install this Shortcut

If you have any questions about using these Shortcuts please email me at