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How To Take Good Pet Photos

There is a lot that goes into taking good pet photos, and so we’re going to break this down into three sections. I’m going to tell you what equipment you need, what settings to use, and cover what you need to do to take good pet photos! In addition to...

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How To Get Everyone In Focus In A Group Photo

Get Your Free Cheat Sheet For Getting Everyone In Focus In Your Group Photos Today we’re talking about how to get everyone in focus in a group photo. Getting everyone in focus in a group photo is something I get asked about ALL of the time, so let’s break...

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iPad Pro Raw Editing Workflow With Lightroom

Support the making of these videos by becoming a patron! Want to see exactly how I do my RAW editing on my iPad Pro? This is exactly the editing process I go through with each and every one of my RAW files to prepare them for final editing in Affinity Photo. Watch...

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What Settings To Use For Portrait Photography

Get Your Portrait Photography Settings Cheat Sheet Portrait photography is complicated, and to take a great portrait, you need to make sure your camera is ready. There are a lot of things we’re concerned with getting right for a portrait, including getting...

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How To Get Shallow Depth Of Field

Get Your Free Shallow Depth Of Field Guide Today I’m going to explain how depth of field works, and show you how to get shallow depth of filed using my guaranteed three step method. Shallow depth of field is where you have your principle subject in focus, and some or...

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The Best Settings For Low Light Photography

Get Your Low Light Photography Cheat SheetToday I’m going to share with you how to choose the best settings for low light photography. However, I’m not actually going to tell you what settings to choose, rather, I’m going to share with you the process you can use to...

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The Guide to Shooting in Manual Mode

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