It’s Time To Go Beyond Manual Mode

I hear from so many frustrated photographers who struggle to create the images they envision

As a photographer, you can take photos, or you can create images, and there is a distinct difference between the two.

Taking pictures is grabbing the camera, pointing it at whatever, and taking a photo.

Maybe you’re in auto and you’re literally just pointing the camera and pushing the button.

Maybe you’re in manual mode and you’ve taken the time to get an exposure value of 0, and maybe you’ve thrown a bit of shallow depth of field in there, but by and large, taking pictures is just snapping away without much thought or intention.

Now, I want to be clear, this is not meant to criticize anyone that enjoys photography like this.

Everyone has the right to enjoy photography how they choose, and nobody should ever be criticized for that, but you’re here, which means you want more, and that means you need to embrace the idea of putting more intent into your work.

That’s why I created the –

Beyond Manual Mode Video Course

Here’s what Beyond Manual Mode is all about.

Beyond Manual Mode is all about building on the fundamentals to help you do two things.

1. To learn more about the camera and how it works so that you can use your camera to its maximum potential.

2. To embrace and extend your creativity so that you make images instead of just taking photos.

This course weaves together the technical and the creative to give you the tools to start exploring your photography more intently and more creatively.

Understand Your Camera Better

Though ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed are the most important functions to understand, there is much more to your camera than just those settings. Beyond Manual Mode will help you understand those settings and how you can use them to your advantage.

Harness The True Potential Of Your Photos

One thing that sets photographers who create images apart from those who take photos is understanding the potential your RAW files hold. Beyond Manual Mode helps you understand your RAW files better, and shows you how to harness that power in your image making.

Embrace and Unleash Your Creativity

Having a solid technical foundation allows you to explore and express your creativity by giving you the tools to realize your vision, but it’s more than that. You also have to realize and embrace your creativity, which means thinking differently about yourself and your photography.


How much does it cost?

The lessons in Beyond Manual Mode, along with all the bonuses you get are easily worth $299 dollars.

You get it all for $29

Backed by my 100% moneyback guarantee

Here’s What You Get:

17 Fun, Easy To Understand, And To The Point Video Lessons That Take You Beyond Manaul Mode To Unleash Your Creativity As A Photographer

Lesson One


RAW vs JPEG is the great debate in photography, but this isn’t about declaring one a winner. This is about understanding the options you have for capturing your photos, and how those options limit or expand your possibilities.

Lesson Two

How To Capture In RAW and/or JPEG

Knowing the difference between RAW and JPEG is one thing, but it’s no good if you don’t know how to set your camera up to capture in RAW or JPEG. This lesson goes over exactly how to do that, what options to consider, and which options you should definitely not use.

Lesson Three

Basic RAW Processing

One of the biggest barriers to harnessing the power of RAW files is processing those files after you’ve captured them. This lesson takes you throught the entire RAW processing workflow from import to final image so you can start working with your RAW files right away.

Lesson Four


Exposure is more than just your ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed settings. This lesson explains how to quantify your exposure to help you talk about, and more importantly, think more critically about your exposure.

Lesson Five

How The Camera Meter Works

The camera meter dictates how the camera thinks about exposure. It is effectively the camera’s brain. Understanding how your camera thinks allows you to prevent mistakes and capture the results you want in less time with less frustration by outhinking the camera.

Lesson Six

The Act of Exposure Compensation

It’s time to accept and unleash your creativity. It’s a simple, but powerful act. Exposure Compensation. It sounds simple, but this lesson builds on everything you’ve been learning up until this point.

Lesson Seven

Dynamic Range

Understanding Dynamic Range and how to use it is where we really unlock the potential of your photos. This lesson explains what Dynamic Range is and how you can use this to more critically evaluate your exposure.

Lesson Eight

Practical Dynamic Range

This lesson shows you step by step, exactly how to implement what you learn about dynamic range in your photography, so you can use this in the field when taking your own photos.

Lesson Nine

What Do The Metering Modes Actually Do

The camera meter is the camera’s brain, but the metering mode tells that brain how to think. This lesson explains how each of the metering modes work and how you can use them to capture the exact exposure you want.

Lesson Ten

Does The Metering Mode Really Matter

This lesson answers the age old question, does the metering mode really matter? The bottom line is that it does, and it doesn’t.

Lesson Eleven

Using Your Priority Modes

Understanding how your camera works and being able to control it is necessary. What’s even better is understanding how you can give some control back to the camera. This lesson shows you how you can let the camera do some of the work for you, while keeping the control you need to create the images you want.

Lesson Twelve

Auto ISO

Auto ISO is another way to let the camera do some of the work for you, but it’s also a little confusing to set up and use. This lesson explains how Auto ISO works, how to set it up so that it works the way you want while still giving you the control you need over your images.

Lesson Thirteen

Color Theory

Color is incredibly important to your photos. In this lesson you’ll learn about color theory and how you can deliberately use color in your images to create more powerful images.

Lesson Fourteen

Getting Perfect Colors In Your Photos

Color is no good if it’s not represented in your images the way you want it to be. This lesson shows you how to get the colors in your photos looking exactly the way you want, no matter the lighting conditions you are shooting in.

Lesson Fifteen

Color Grading Your Images

Color isn’t just applied when you capture the image, you can also manipulate and apply color in the edit as well! This lesson shows you how to use the tools in your RAW editor to deliberately add color to your images to create mood and depth.

Lesson Sixteen

Learning About Light

Many photographers shoot without really thinking about the lighting they are working in. If you understand light and it’s qualities, it will make you a better photographer. This lesson explains and demonstrates the different qualities of light, and how those qualities of light affect your photos. With this you’ll be able to more critically evaluate the lighting you are working with and use it to your advantage.

Lesson Seventeen

Thinking About Your Work

This lesson ties it all together and gives you a path forward to implement and use what you’ve learned throughout the course.

11 Exercises and 15 Handouts

These exercises help you implement what you’re learning into your photography workflow. The handouts are wonderful references to have on hand when out shooting.

And I’ve Included 12 Bonus Lessons!

It’s Almost Like Geting Another Entire Course For Free


  • Autofocus Modes Explained
  • Focus Points Explained
  • How To Keep Your Creative Ideas Flowing
  • Ocean Of Tulle Concept Development
  • Harley Quinn Shoot Concept Development
  • Best Exposure Settings For Sports Photography
  • Best Camera Settings For Capturing Action And Sports
  • The Best Settings For Low Light
  • Best Camera Settings For Concert Photography
  • Best Settings For Portrait Photography
  • How To Avoid Glare On Glasses In Photos
  • How To Shape Light

That’s 29 Lessons Totalling 4 Hours Of Fun And Engaging Material That Will Help You Unleash Your Creativity As A Photographer

All for $29

Backed by my 100% moneyback guarantee

My Name is Spyros Heniadis.

I’m not just a photographer, I’m a teacher. I always have been.

I love photography, and I love sharing what I know about photography with other people. This isn’t about teaching, it’s about helping you create the images you want to create.

I’ve been practicing photography since 2000, and sharing what I know with other photographers since 2004.

You may have seen me on my YouTube channel where I’ve helped millions of photographers all over the world.

I’ve also taught at:

  • The Wedding and Portriat Photographers International Conference (WPPI)
  • Photo Plus Expo (PPE)
  • ClickCon Chicago
  • The University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point
  • The Camera Company in Madison, WI
  • And other workshops around the country

You may have seen or heard of me and my passion for helping photographers like you, but if not, here’s what photographers like you have to say about me:

You Weren’t Kidding!

Beyond Manual Mode is a powerful course everyone should be adding to their skill set. Spyros has successfully taken photography out of the camera, and unlocked a new world of creativity. My photos have thanked me and yours will too.

– Shaun

This course is great!

Not only will this course will help you learn how to embrace and cultivate your creativity, but also learn the technical skills needed to make your creativity come alive in your photos. Moreover, Spyros easily breakdown complicated concepts so that not matter what level you are, beginner or pro, you can understand the skills needed to unlock your creativity.


Who This Course Is For

  • Photographers that understand manual mode but still find something lacking in their photos
  • Photographers who want a better understanding of how their cameras work, beyond just ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed
  • Intermediate Photographers looking to further increase their skill and creativity
  • Photographers looking for inspiration to move beyond just taking photos
  • Photographers who want to create visionary work that they are proud of
  • Photographers who want to learn how to make the camera work for them, instead of against them

A Course That Works For You Whenever And Wherever You Are

  • There are no time or access limits on your course. You pay for it once and you can access and watch it forever.
  • You can enjoy and review the course anytime you want, as many times as you want. There are no viewing limits.
  • You can view the course on any device you want. Computer, tablet, smartphone. It doesn’t matter, the course is there for you.
  • You download the entire course meaning you can watch it where you want, however many times you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Guarantee?

Yes, I back all my courses with a 100% money back guarantee. If you purchase the course and feel it is not right for you, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

Does This Work On PC Or Mac Or Chromebook?

Yes! It works on PC, Mac, and Chromebooks. It works on any device!

Does This Work On iPhone Or iPad Or Android?

Yes! It works on all of them! iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Android tablets, Chromebooks, it works on any device.

How Will You Send Me The Course?

Immediately after purchase you will be taken to a page where you can download the entire course. As soon as you finish downloading, you can start learning all about flash photography! Additionally, you will receive an email receipt for your purchase, and the receipt will also contain the download link.

Beyond Manual Mode Is The Course To Help You Master Your Camera And Unleash Your Creativity As A Photographer

All for $29

Backed by my 100% moneyback guarantee